C-HR vs. HR V contrast

Precisely what are the vital stats for the transmission and engine?

The full range is powered with the same 1.2-liter turbocharged lookup engine. You are not purchasing a C-HR vs. HR-V for its power – the only 85kW/185Nm is available to haul on the 1400kg-plus Koba around (weightier whether or not it’s AWD). That is okay, though – I don’t for an instant think the people who’re buying one care very much.


Alas, the energy reaches the road via Toyota’s indifferent continuously variable transmission (CVT).

How much fuel does it eat up?

Toyota states the CVT front-wheel drivers use 6.4L/100km on the joint cycle. My week with the vehicle, which was spent in the suburbs and do a few freeway running, came back an indicated 8.0L/100km, that wasn’t awful in any way.

Frustrating. Although not since it’s terrible. Not whatsoever. The company made the right choice in waiting to go into the compact SUV fray; it could have gotten off with jacking the older Corolla or the Yaris but would have been as good as this.