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This game started as a mod for Half-Life, which later evolved into the pioneering CS 1.3. It has since been transformed into several more advanced iterations: Counter-Strike Condition Zero and Counter-Strike Source. The last, most recent, and certainly not the least, would be Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

It has stood the test of times. The success of the latest sequel has shown that the game is an enjoyable first-person shooter for casual gamers and an exciting e-Sport with a thriving competitive scene. This can be seen in the skyrocketing number of FPS gamers with buy csgo accounts. How is this possible for a franchise that has been around for ten years? It retained many of its original features and added new ones.

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The struggle in Counter-Strike is as constant as ever. It doesn’t end, nor does it change. This is a reflection of the current military tension around the globe. Terrorists will continue to exist, willing to use extreme methods to advance their cause. According to their team names, the Counter-Terrorist forces will always exist, who are dedicated to stopping terrorist conspirators. The side that emerges victorious depends on completing the objectives. This depends on the game modes or maps.

The conflict between the two factions remains in maps, true to Counter-Strike style. This is not CS 1.3; this is CS: GO. The game now has new features that make it more casual-friendly. It’s more replayable and relevant to gamers looking for more variety. One of these new features would be choosing from the five modes that determine the goal in a map.

Classic Casual and Competitive are two of the most popular and well-known game modes. They are round-based and require that the teams complete the objectives or eliminate the opposition. Before the round starts, they are allowed to buy weapons and equipment. Classic mode maps can be played in two ways: Bomb or Hostage.

Deathmatch – A ten-minute match in which players from each team kill as many enemies as possible. After they die, players respawn and have the option to either get a random gun or their weapon of choice for free. The team with more points wins.

Arms Race: This is a deathmatch-like game mode in which players are given a weapon to make two kills (one for enemy leaders) and then assigned a new gun. In a kill, the player who uses the gold knife (the last weapon that the game mode gives a player) emerges victorious.

Demolition is a game mode similar to the classic bomb scenario mode, except that players can’t choose their weapons but are given one from a predetermined list. Both teams must detonate a bomb. However, unlike casual scenarios, only one bombsite is available.

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Apart from the new game modes and the levelling-up system for CSGO Accounts, there is another important new element. Your Account can move up the ladder to gain higher ranks starting at level 1. As a reward for your levelling up or demonstrating exceptional in-game skills, you can also earn new items such as skins, chests and coins. Because there is no currency in-game, a CS: GO marketplace has been created to trade in-game items. As players seek to improve their CS: experience, this means that CSGO accounts are now easy to buy and sell.

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