Adidas Originals Highlights Emerging Artists in Superstar

What is white and black and worn all over? The Adidas Super-star. With its iconic three-stripe structure, these sneakers are today’s hottest trend. Worn by athletes and supermodels alike, the more Adidas Superstar shoes have seen a rapid increase in popularity within the last couple of years. Few folks understand the unique history that these shoes carry.

The entire year was 1969. The guy took his first steps onto the moon Beatles released their last album together, and Adidas published the Superstar shoe, a low-top variant of the Adidas Pro Model. At the time, this shoe has been the very first low-top basketball shoe to have an all-leather top and rubber toe. This was revolutionary for a time when arc basketball shoes were considered the norm.

The Adidas Superstar’s unique features quickly became Popular amongst the NCAA and NBA. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, six-time NBA Most Valuable Player and the highest scorer in NBA history was arguably the superstar’s main fan. In 1971, Adidas became one among the first companies to release a player-endorsed baseball shoe. Jabbar’s Adidas place the bar for future touch player shoes.

In just a few short years, this revolutionary shoe has been being Worn by over 75 percent of NBA players. The rubber casing in the toe (that gave the shoe that the nickname”shell shoes”) provided players with superior durability and protection and Adidas’ newly developed cushioning technology gave the players better comfort compared to past sneakers.

From the Courts to the Streets

In 1983, Run-D.M.C., a rap group from Hollis Queens, New York began to appear on the rap music scene. The trio stood out for rebelling against the traditional flashy attire of rhinestones and spikes that most musical artists had been wearing up until this point. Instead, the group decided to dress on stage the same way they covered on the streets.

Run-D.M.C. loved the superstar so much that in 1986, they

“My Adidas and I close as could be

We make the team, my Adidas and me personally

We get around together, down we indefinitely.”

The group attempted to flip the negative stereotype associated with”boy” and hip-hop culture. A few years later, Adidas signed a $1.6 million endorsement deal with Run-D.M.C. This was the first collaboration between hip-hop artists and a major corporation. Together, Adidas and Run-D.M.C. created a limited edition Superstar sneaker as well as a clothing line, which is still in production today under the label “Adidas Originals.”

Present Day

2005 marked the 35th anniversary of the Adidas Superstar. To Celebrate, Adidas created the”Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary set,” a collaboration with music, fashion and art icons from around the world. Andy Warhol, Disney, and Missy Elliot all designed a unique pair of limited-edition Superstar Shoes.

Currently, Pharrell Williams has teamed up with Adidas for a Superstar collaboration titled “Supercolor.” In a party of equality through diversity, Adidas has come out with 50 distinct colors of this superstar as a way to promote different style.

The Superstar shoe includes a long past and a bright future. These shoes have now become a part of popular fashion and therefore are worn frequently As a fashion in addition to an athletic shoe. Its basic shape has Became Ageless and appeals to people of many different shapes and sizes. The iconic Adidas Superstar will have the ability to fit extensive wardrobes for years to come.